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Aardevarque Comment

Aardy R. DeVarque
2 July
"I'm nobody, who are you? Are you nobody, too?" -- Emily Dickinson

"Please allow me to introduce myself" -- Mick Jagger

This is the weblog of Raymond Dennis Reginald Devarque, a.k.a. "Aardy". No, none of that is my real name--or even remotely close--but it'll do. I answer to 'Aardy' just as readily as I do to my own name, though I prefer using 'Aardy' with online friends (even when meeting up in the real world), and using my real name with people I primarily know offline or professionally.

A little bit about myself...

I grew up in the "far" western Chicago suburbs, live in the "far" northwestern Chicago suburbs, and work at a library in the near-northern suburbs.

I'm married to kateshort. I'm related to coffeechica and rue842.

Elementary school: Zion Lutheran School, Bensenville, IL
High school: Addison Trail High School, Addison, IL
Undergraduate: Valparaiso University, Valparaiso, IN (B.A.; major: History, minor: theatrical design, honors college associate program [basically a minor in creative thinking/creative writing/philosophy/art appreciation]; member of the Kappa Sigma chapter of Phi Mu Alpha Sinfonia fraternity)
Graduate: Dominican University, River Forest, IL (Master of Library & Information Science)

I'm a library cataloger by trade, but I also do some computer programming (completely self-taught) in Visual Basic and perl, primarily for library applications. I'm a published author in the library field, with articles on collection development, computer programming for catalogers, and interdepartmental relations. Our library uses Sirsi's Unicorn catalog software, for which I've had Sirsi's top-secret Advanced Programming Interface training. We also use OCLC's Connexion software for cataloging, for which I've written a few dozen macros. I also co-teach a macro-writing course as part of the Illinois State Library's continuing education program.

Back when I last had time to have hobbies, I primarily read prose and comics, played Dungeons & Dragons, hung out on Usenet (particularly rec.games.frp.dnd and the rec.arts.comics.* hierarchy), and surfed the web. (Unfortunately, graduate school "cured" me of the "evils" of hobbies; I'm still working at getting back some semblance of a shadow of a life.)

I've never been much of a journaller; for the most part, if I don't have anything I feel is truly worthwhile to share, I just keep quiet. If I don't have time to post, I just keep quiet. As you can tell from my posting history I'm quiet most of the time.

(Regarding my user icons: I've generally borrowed the original images & quotes, but other than that all of my icons are my own creations. If you'd like to copy one for yourself, please ask first, and please credit me as the maker.)