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It's a Monday, all right

Point the first: Someone was cranky just about all night last night; no matter how soundly asleep she'd be on my shoulder, she'd wake up and start wailing the instant any part of her touched her crib. I don't sleep very soundly (nor well) propped up on a recliner with a baby on my shoulder. (Nor when one is waking up wailing in the next room every 45-90 minutes, all night long.)

Point the second: I had a dental appointment this morning for a cleaning. Those of you who've known me for a while know that the thought of this does not fill me with rainbows and kittens. So when I quick check LJ while letting Miss Crankypants get a few extra z's, what greets my eyes on the top of my friendslist? This. -sigh- (The bad news was that the dentist found one cracked filling and one veneer that is slightly chipped and "leaking". The good news was that he didn't find any new problems, and he didn't tell me that there are any potential new problem areas they're watching. So when I go back next week, it won't be a cheap appointment, but it also won't be $OMG,WTF.OO like the one four months ago was, when I had to get a crown replaced.)

Point the third: A couple months ago I'd agreed to co-present an hour-long session on graphic novels in libraries at an area conference for paraprofessionals. Almost a month ago, I met with my two co-presenters to hash out what should be in the presention. Two weeks ago, I put together two sets of PowerPoint slides for my part of the presentation. This morning I get an e-mail from one of the presenters wondering if I was okay, since I hadn't shown up and hadn't let them know I couldn't make it. I checked my calendar--and discovered I'd written down the day of the conference as May 19 rather than when it actually was, May 9.

Point the fourth: At work, I was recently informed that the children's librarians (whose material makes up the bulk of my workload) still have approximately $17K left in their book budget, which has to be spent before the end of the fiscal year, June 30. However, when the summer reading program starts June 1, they won't have time to do any selection, so they actually have to get that all spent by the end of May. $17K buys you a LOT of children's books...

At the rate things are going, it looks like tomorrow is going to be Monday, too. And the next day. And the next week. And the next month.


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