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Music quiz answers #9

See! The gloomy remains of night
is cast off by the immense skies;
It seems like a widow who at last lays aside
The dark clothes that enveloped her.
To work! To work!
Ready, hammer.
Who brightens the gypsy man's day?
Who brightens the gypsy man's day?
Who brightens the day?
Who brightens the gypsy man's day?
The gypsy maiden!

Vedi! Le fosche notturne spoglie
De' cieli sveste l'immensa volta;
Sembra una vedova che alfin si toglie
i bruni panni ond'era involta.
All'opra! all'opra!
Dàgli, martella.
Chi del gitano i giorni abbella?
Chi del gitano i giorni abbella,
chi? chi i giorni abbella?
Chi del gitano i giorni abbella?
La zingarella!

Full lyrics

Answer: Giuseppe Verdi. Coro di zingari, from Il trovatore (Gypsy Chorus, a.k.a. The Anvil Chorus, from The Troubador), 1853.

Where you've probably heard it: It was used in the Marx Brothers' A Night at the Opera and the Tiny Toons episode "It's Buster Bunny Time", where anvils of all sizes rain out of the sky onto Plucky Duck (the segment starts at 3:00), among many other places.

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