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Music quiz answers #7

Faithfully led, drawn there,
Where the blessing of love shall preserve you both!
Triumphant courage, the reward of love
Joins you in fidelity as the happiest couple.
Champion of virtue, proceed!
Jewel of youth, proceed!
You both have now escaped the roar of the feast,
You both have won the pleasure of the heart!
Fragrant room, decorated for love,
Now takes in you both, away from the splendor.

Treulich geführt ziehet dahin,
wo euch der Segen der Liebe bewahr'!
Siegreicher Mut, Minnegewinn
eint euch in Treue zum seligsten Paar.
Streiter der Tugend, schreite voran!
Zierde der Jugend, schreite voran!
Rauschen des Festes seid nun entronnen,
Wonne des Herzens sei euch gewonnen!
Duftender Raum, zur Liebe geschmückt,
nehm' euch nun auf, dem Glanze entrückt.

Full lyrics

Answer: Richard Wagner. Brautleid (Bridal Chorus), from Lohengrin (1848).

Where you've probably heard it: It's better known as "Here Comes the Bride", and as such is so overplayed and cliché at weddings that it is probably always being played at any given minute somewhere in the world as a bride walks down the aisle.

However, in the opera, the song is sung by the bridesmaids and groomsmen after the wedding and the reception, as they separately escort the bride and groom to their wedding bed and the pleasures thereof.[1] The non-religious, thinly veiled tee-heeing about the post-wedding nookie is one of several reasons some churches balk at allowing it to be played in a house of worship, even just as an instrumental piece.

[1] (However, the happy couple don't actually get around to consummating the marriage, as they make the mistake of having a conversation first, and the opera naturally picks that point to suddenly build up to a Wagnerian tragic finale.)

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