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My day

Today I:

• Swept the kitchen, hall, stairs, landing, and lower hall/foyer.

• Hand-sewed a decorative flower back on a baby sweater, a button back on kateshort's pants, and a popped stitch on the waistband of another pair of kateshort's pants. Wished again that either of the sewing machines in the house was reliable. (The drive belt often slips badly on the one I know how to use, and the other is some 50 or more years old and I haven't had the time to figure out how it works or even just how to set it up.)

• Watched the "Top Gear" guys miraculously navigate the English Channel in a home-made, jury-rigged amphibious pickup truck.

• Wrote up the next few answers for my music quiz.

• Watched Chain Reaction (and reveled in the mediocrity).

• And held a variously awake, wriggling, crying, or sleeping baby for many, many hours in several stretches. This aggravates the tendonitis in my forearms something fierce, and my upper arms feel like I've been holding a 15 lb. weight at chest height all day. Not a fun combination.

And now I need to get some sleep.

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