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Wile E. moves in

This morning, just as I'd loaded the baby carrier into my car, I saw a coyote running through the front yards across the street. He crossed the nearby intersection and ducked into someone's back yard. I ran and grabbed the camera in the hope that he'd either come back out this direction, or that I'd see him again as I drove out of the neighborhood, but no luck there.

It was about the size of a full-grown black Lab, with grey-yellow mottled coat, a bushy tail, a pointed snout, and a wolfish look except with proportionately longer legs and less bulk than I'd expect a wolf (even a half-starved one) to have. I suppose it could've been someone's dog gotten loose, but it didn't really have that look--most loose dogs tend to spend their time looking around, exploring everything, and moving in random paths all over the place, this one was moving with more purpose, cautiousness, and speed. (And I know there've been coyotes spotted in the past few years in other parts of town.)

Not at all what I was expecting to see in this neighborhood on my way out this morning; despite having a golf course and village hall campus just down the way, we don't even get the odd deer that near to here.

If it really was a coyote, that'd be the first one I've ever seen in the "wild", if you can call this that.

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