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Political links

(Links posted so that I can find them later.)

Via Mightygodking.com: Documenting Barak Obama's actual substance and experience in getting things done and working with both sides of the aisle in Congress. (And note that that piece was written more than a year ago!)

Via querldox: George McGovern[1] argues that Bush & Cheney should be impeached and that the country would have been far safer under Nixon & Agnew than it is under Bush & Cheney. (One side point I find disturbing is how much money we've borrowed from China in order to pay for the Iraq war--what happens to our country and economy if/when China decides that it's time to cash in and collect on those debts?)

Feudalism: Serf & Turf

[1] (For you young'uns out there, McGovern lost to Nixon in the 1972 election during which Nixon's flunkies instigated the Watergate breakin.)
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