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"Reepicheep & Wormtail (who is being stalked by his ex, Ratigan) go out for a fancy restaurant dinner cooked by master chef Remi & family, followed by a den-swapping soiree with the Rats of NIMH, which is then crashed by a thoroughly-soused Templeton."

The above started out with just the initial coupling, which was bad enough, but turned into a personal challenge to work in as many more characters as possible, which led to this one-sentence summary.

This was the culmination of a series of slashfic dare-parings I came up with, issued in jest to ronniekins77 in an effort to tweak her fanfic-lovin' nose. All were slashfic pairings that technically make sense on some level but are generally way out past left field in the no-man's-land of "Oh, dear God, why?", and yet could still be mentioned over dinner with one's relatives, created with the basic intent to cause fanfic writers (cross-fandom or not) to reflexively reach for either the brain bleach or a keyboard. (Including Peter Pevensie/Claire Bennett ["the all-new, all-different Paire"], Eustace Scrubb/Charlie Weasley, and Mr. Tumnus/Aberforth Dumbledore.)

Of course, given Rule 34, it's entirely possible that any or all of these already exist--and if so, I plan on remaining completely ignorant of their actual existence for as long as possible.

(And yes, I know that I am a sick, sick man.)

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