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For most of the past week I've been fighting what's started as a head cold and morphed into what is probably either a sinus infection or a prolonged allergic reaction much stronger than any I've had since before I started a regimen of allergy shots back when I was a teenager. Either way, it seems like it's finally starting to think about fading now. However, I've survived primarily on the decongestant properties of Benadryl, and thus between that and the lack of oxygen due to massive sinus blockage, I haven't had much interest or energy in doing much of anything.

The weather today was beautiful, and I'm starting to feel almost normal even (and especially) without medication, so I took walk around the neighborhood with kateshort, ending with a deceptively steep hill.

The back yard has needed mowing for a bit now, so since the weather was so nice and I had the time and seemed to have the energy, I decided to do that, too.

Then, since I was on a roll and the weather was still nice (only around 80 degrees, and nice, stiff, cool breeze), I decided to take an edger to the parts of our driveway and sidewalk I didn't get to the last time I felt compelled to do that--which was most of it.

Let me tell you, if you ever want to get a good upper-body workout and get some needed work around the house done at the same time, using a manual edger (and then a push broom afterwards to tidy up) certainly fits the bill. This workout about did me in. About half-way through, I was puffing and wheezing like a 70-year-old chain smoker, and had to take a break and down a half-bottle of Gatorade. Then, since I was only half-done and I don't know if I'll have time once the kid arrives and also have good enough weather, I went back out and finished. (A natural obstinacy and the lack of good judgement that comes when one is that wiped out probably had a little bit to do with it, too.)

Grand total of I'd guess around 50-75 linear feet of sidewalk & driveway edged, including some of the seams where there's enough of a gap to get the edger in. By the end of it, the breeze had started to die down, and the sun got to an angle that decimated most of the shade, and I was worn out and taking breaks for almost as long as I was working, just to let my (normally high anyway) heart rate and blood pressure calm down to safer levels. The edging took about two and a half hours. Three hours after finishing, I'm still aching all over and can't really lift my arms for more than a few seconds. Ow.

Adding to the fun is that, in part because I'm allergic to most vegetation (most importantly to this story, to cut grass), when I came inside and stripped off my shirt, my upper torso was covered with small, itchy hives. I looked like I'd either stumbled out of a mosquito-infested swamp or had come down with smallpox. (kateshort about freaked out the first time she saw me in that state, but to me it's just one of the unfortunate side effects of doing yard work.) They've stopped itching and most have faded out to almost nothing by now, as usual.

(If I were completely insane and wanted to get a full upper and lower body workout, I also have an old-fashioned push mower, but it needs sharpening to be at all usable and is technically my sister's anyway. And given the hilly gradients in our yard, using that'd probably give me a quick trip to the emergency room.)

And to round out the day, sometime during the afternoon, the side of my sinuses that wasn't clogged with mucus decided it was a perfect time to pop a blood vessel. Somewhere far enough back that I didn't have blood gushing out of my nose, thankfully, but in the right place for the resulting clot to cut off most of the airflow on that side. -sigh- I guess I didn't really need that extra oxygen.

On the plus side, the yard now looks cleaner than it has since we moved in, and since both our neighbors have lawn services, now our yard blends in more and doesn't look like an unkempt mess in comparison. It's amazing what just edging will do to make a lawn look less overgrown.

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