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Upskirts on the highway

On my ride home on the tollway Friday, and again yesterday, I've seen a panel truck with ads plastered on the sides and rear that made the truck look like it was filled with water and had a man and a woman in a green dress swimming in it. It took a bit of internet searching to dig up, but here's the image used for the passenger side of the truck; the cab of the truck would be just to the right of the image.

So from the rear, all you see is what looks like a larger than life upskirt shot.

The first time I saw it, I couldn't get close enough to read the logo or really see the image well (well enough, but not well). The second time, I was in just the right place as the truck passed me to see both the logo and the image. It's an ad for Dentyne Blast gum, and in the image on the rear of the truck, the woman's dress is flapping just right so that all you can actually see are feet, calves, lower thighs... and lots of dress hem. It's obviously not just a rear shot taken at the same moment as the side shot, as the arms & legs are in slightly different positions than the side shot, and you can see much more of the woman's back and significantly less of the under-skirt area in the rear shot than you would in a true 90-degree rotation of the figures from that side shot.

I guess reversing the figures so that the guy's feet were to the rear wouldn't sell as much gum-- or potentially cause as many traffic accidents due to rubbernecking.

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