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My take on fandom's response to LJ's stance on pr0n

We've now seen, from various sides of fandom:

Denial (It's not pr0n! It's not illegal!)

Anger (I hate LJ and everyone who works for them is an evil, sarcastic bastard who should apologize and be fired!)

Bargaining (Why aren't you going after the pro-ana communities, too? Hypothetically, is this okay, and what about that, and that other thing? And the obscenity laws are just going to get struck down eventually anyways!)

Can we just skip straight to Acceptance (Okay, it is illegal, if I choose to keep posting it I will take any lumps that come my way, and in an attempt to make it legal again I'm going to snail-mail my favorite examples of this type of fanart to my congressman) and get back to I can hath cheezburger?

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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