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Hooray beer!

Even if you've seen Red Stripe Beer's commercials, you have to give their webpage a look-see. Even a non-beer-drinker like me has gotta love--in a jaw-dropping, train-wreck-watching sort of way--a company whose basic slogan is

"It's Beer.
Hooray Beer!"

Try all three versions of their website. I found the light switch in the U.S. section much more fun to play with for far longer than it has any right to be (thought that may be due to coming across the site far too late at night), and I found the chicken animation in the "You shouldn't view these sites from any of the following countries" version oddly disturbing, yet mesmerising. And they have their commercials available for viewing/listening, too. Even having seen some of them several times, they still make me laugh every time. ("Reggae and beer: helping our white friends dance for over 70 years!")

I'm finding myself tempted to gank the animated gif of the "ambassador" waving his finger and turn it into an icon...

(And it's imported by Guinness Bass, so it has that association going for it.)
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