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Women are from Venus, Men are from... Germany?

Tim Allen & John Gray, move over.

German dictionary publisher Langenscheidt has teamed up with a German TV comedian to release the Deutsch-Frau, Frau-Deutsch "foreign" language dictionary. (For the German-impaired out there: German-Woman, Woman-German)

The book itself looks like the standard sort of thing on this topic you can find in the humor section of any bookstore here (the author is apparently now busy touring Germany with his standup routine "Men are pigs, but so are women!"), but what really struck me was the accompanying merchandise. In particular, the downloadable version for your PDA and the magnetic heart-shaped booklet of translated phrases.

It also doesn't help that the wacky/smarmy expressions the author's face cycles through on the webpage are vaguely unsettling, and yet strangely intriguing.

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