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Many birthday thanks to all

Many thanks to all who've responded so far to the surprise birthday party post. (I think that's the most replies I've ever had to a post.) I really do have a great group of friends and a wonderful wife who knows just the right things to do.

My actual birthday was relatively uneventful, as I had to work (I finally finished cataloging the batch of Rosetta Stone language kits that's been hanging over my head for a couple of weeks) and we'd already celebrated with my family on Saturday by going to see a matinee of Ratatouille, followed by lunch at the Millrose Restaurant. (Both are highly recommended.)

I stopped expecting to get birthday gifts back when I was in high school and everyone around me decided I was either old enough to only send cards, so when I do get any, they're a pleasant surprise. This year I was surprised. Since I've gotten back into playing music, my family chipped in together to get me a real Manhasset music stand (so that my music won't always be falling off the folding stand I've been using), and ordered a trumpet stand, and a euphonium stand (so that I can switch between the two instruments without having to lay one down on the floor). My father found an electronic (scanned & indexed) copy of a 2400-page, 1902 Muret-Sanders German-English dictionary, which should come in very useful for translating 19th-century genealogical documents. And kateshort picked up a copy of Weird Al: Straight outta Lynwood.

And then last night after work, kateshort and I went through the drive-through at Steak-n-Shake for some fattening comfort food, most importantly including the always-delicious chocolate/peanut butter milk shake (though that flavor is not listed on their website).

Once again, thank you all for the kind words & wishes; you helped brighten my day.

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