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dancing like Snoopy at Suppertime

doing the "yyyyyyyes!" fist pump

pretending to be in an iPod commercial, colors and all

walking on sunshine, yeah-yeah

doing the Peanut Butter Jelly Time/Banana, Pickle, Carrot, Pepper dance

headbopping like Riker, Data & Picard in A Night at the Roxbury

playing Wyld Stallynz air guitar

packing up and moving to the land of 1,000 dances

In short... *happydance*

Whyfor? I figured out how to get our MARC8-encoded Unicode catalog data for Russian-language material to display properly in Cyrillic in the public catalog (instead of or in addition to the phonetic transliterated version that native speakers can't really read) without requiring the entire database to be converted to Unicode first, and got a proof of concept perl script for this working with live data in my development sandbox, as well as laid the groundwork to do the same for Korean (for which I've received multiple requests even before having even a twinkle in my eye to talk about) and probably Chinese & Japanese. In under 24 hours.

The company that wrote the catalog software also offers this functionality to libraries, but requires that a library migrate their server from ISAM to Oracle (either embedded or fully licensed) and convert the entire database to Unicode first. That day will come for us someday (and will be a good thing), but that's an expensive and drastic enough step that it definitely won't happen this year, and maybe not next year, either. Whereas this, this works now.

Oh, and in addition to that, I also gave call numbers to 185 books in one day.

Reality will come a'knocking with a thoroughly depressing buzzkill soon enough (it always does), but for the nonce, I'm floating on cloud nine.

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