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Work, work, and more work--and a mini book review

It's definitely getting close to the end of the fiscal year, when the selectors are trying to spend everything that's left in their budgets, and because they aren't always as good as they should be about spreading out the spending evenly throughout the year, and because we have to stop ordering in June so that everything ordered can arrive before the end of the fiscal year, June 30, this generally results in a tidal wave of new material from mid-May to mid-June.

Yesterday I came close to setting a personal best for assigning call numbers to books in a single day. My normal average ranges around 10-30 books a day; 50-60 is a really big day, and 75-100 is a rarity that only happens a few times a year (though it's already happened once earlier this month). Yesterday? 162.

Now admittedly, it was mostly a shipment of multiple added copies (racking up high numbers is much easier when you get 5-10 copies each of 10 titles that you already own, so there's little to no thought involved for most of those books and they go quickly). The stack of "finished" books on my desk was about three feet high and two feet wide before I finished for the day and carried them all over to the next step in our assembly line. I ended up completely filling the poor woman's shelves in one day, with one shelf partially double-stacked. (Don't cry too much for her, though; she's lightning fast and likes the job security of having plenty to do. She'll probably be all caught up within a day. Maybe two if she has other projects she has to work on first.)

And in among all of those books was this little gem:

Dracula vs. Grampa at the Monster Truck Spectacular (Wiley & Grampa's Creature Features #1)

Wiley's fun-loving Grampa takes him to a monster truck show while an F5 tornado ravages the area. At the show, they meet Colonel Dracula and his Mudsucker--a monster truck that doesn't just look like a vampire, it's sentient and runs on blood rather than gas. The mystery heightens when they discover that Colonel Dracula has a picture of Grandma above his fireplace. And as the back cover says, "Did we mention the giant mechanical lobsters?"

The second volume (which we also have) is Grampa's Zombie BBQ, in which an army of walking dead (including undead bugs) from Eternal Naps cemetery crashes Grampa's annual barbecue. It takes a batch of the school lunch lady's toxic borscht and a massive food fight to turn back the zombie tide.

And after that--oh, I can almost wait--comes Monster Fish Frenzy, Super Soccer Freak Show, and Bigfoot Backpacking Bonanza.

Incredibly over-the-top silly books, yes, so much so that it may be off-putting to anyone over the age of 10, but one thing they don't do is rely almost solely on toilet humor, like the ever-popular Captain Underpants books do.
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