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Strange dream (with shoes)

Last night I dreamed I'd gone along with kateshort to go shopping for shoes. The store was like Nordstrom, but I never noticed a store name.

One thing she was looking for was tiny clip-on ribbons (more like small plastic barrets than ribbons, actually) in red & green for Christmas; I found a bag of about a hundred red, white, and green such, each ringed with white lace, and she said that would be perfect.

Then she went off to find some shoes, and I decided to look for a pair for me. Tried on a pair (something resembling wing-tip dress shoes, except grey and in the shape of Crocs). They almost fit right, but were just a bit too small. They were size 9, so I asked a salesman if he could try to find me a size 9 1/2. He responded that that manufacturer was British, so they didn't have "half" sizes, only "metric", and the only size they made between 9 and 10 was 9.3. So I asked him to go in back and look for one of those. As I waited and waited and waited, kateshort came by, having just finished buying her stuff, and now carrying around five shoeboxes.

At this point, I decided to go hunting for the salesman, and saw him waiting on someone else. I was still wearing the too-small shoes at this point, and couldn't find my sneakers, so I hunted all over the store. Finally found them tucked neatly under a chair on the opposite side of the store from where I'd started out, but it made dream-sense to me that they'd be there. Then I went hunting for my coat, through several large, communal changing rooms (except the only "changing" done there was shoes). Then kateshort pointed me upstairs to the second floor, where it was more like a Sears shoe department rather than the Nordstrom-like main floor. She mentioned that it used to be a 5.7.9 store, but their shoe department had expanded to the point where they'd stopped selling clothes. I don't remember much past that other than getting my coat and switching shoes, because somehow I'd already paid for the new ones.

And at that point, I woke up.

It's not your typical "there's a pop math quiz and you haven't studied because you don't have the books and you don't know what room to go to and you're naked in front of the whole school and you're being chased by the big, bad wolf and you fall and fall and fall and just before you're about to hit the ground you wake up" dream, or the wish fulfillment of being king of the world, or the kind that's obviously just a remixed rehash of what's happened to you over the last few days, but I haven't been shoe shopping in several months or more, so I have no idea where anything in this dream came from. (And I'm not now--nor have I ever been--a size-zero teenage girl, and thus have absolutely no desire to ever even so much as set foot in a 5.7.9 store with an aim towards shopping for myself.)

So I guess I'll just chalk it up to the random craziness that bubbles just below the surface of my consciousness.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
Tags: dreams, humor, wtf

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