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Hero meets Heroes

This sort of counts as an 80's music friday entry, because it's 80's music, though a song that, as far as I know, never had a bona fide video of its own. (But should have!)

Normally, I don't care much about fanvids because they usually either features scenes taken from TV shows I don't watch or don't care about, use music I don't know or don't like, or don't show much/any creativity in choosing scenes that actually relate to the music other than cutting from scene to scene in beat with the music and maybe a little something with overall tone. In short, to me they're basically on a level with fanfic.

This one starts off much better than that (though the video editing loses steam about half-way through and mostly seems to revert to random scenes cut in time to the beat), and it's an excellent song, and it's all scenes from Heroes, so I'm making an exception.

And much thanks to coffeechica for pointing me in this direction today. It's been one of those weeks, and I needed the happythoughts this brings me.
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