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A strange day at work

I just had to assign subject headings & a call number to a documentary film about the lives of Filipino transsexuals immigrating into Israel at the behest of the Israeli government to care for elderly Orthodox Jewish men and thus fill the gap left when Palestinian caregivers were prevented from entering Israel.

This case required consulting three books and three online databases, and doing a lot of brain wracking for potential synonyms to look up, but here's the call number and the Library of Congress Subject Headings I ended up assigning to it in our local catalog:

Call number: 306.768095694 (Culture, conduct of life, and sociology of transsexuals in Israel)

Subject headings:
Alien labor, Philippine--Israel.
Older Jews--Home care--Israel.
Documentary films.

I love my job, but I think my brain has now melted and is running out my ears.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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