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80's music friday

Another song that's not likely to have been posted by anyone else today...

(For the uninitiated or those too young to remember, that's Jam On It, by Newcleus, source of the wikki-wikkis of a thousand sample-users.)

I first heard this song around the time of the John Byrne revamp of the Superman comics (heralding my initiation into the world of *gasp* monthly comics) and around the time that breakdancing had become "mainstream" enough for suburban white kids to try it. (Not that anyone else knew it, but my block had its own breakdancing crew for all of an afternoon or so before we decided none of us had any breakdancing talent and moved on to some other fad.) The mental image of Superman scratching & breakdancing his way across town firmly engraved this song on my brain, so that years later, I can still recite large chunks of the saga of Superman vs. Cozmo D (and his little track called "Disco Kryptonite.")

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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