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Didn't I see this in Superman III?

Heard on the radio on the way home:

Caller was at a [national restaurant chain] restaurant the other night, and after being dinged with an extra change for asking for extra tartar sauce & lemons (which is reasonable, as things go), paid for the dinner with a $20 bill, and got only bills in change, no coins. When asked what happened to the cents, the server's response was that the restaurant's policy is to always round bills up to the nearest dollar when giving change.

I know it's common for customers to just leave the change as part of the tip (so this cuts out the "middle man"), as is paying with a credit card in the first place (so there's no change to worry about), but isn't this basically stealing? What would they say if a patron tried to pay in with exact cash but rounded the cents part of the bill down to the nearest dollar?

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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