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Interview meme

dvandom's questions. (If you want to be interviewed, just ask; if you want to ask me more questions, feel free.)

1. "Aardy was here." Where was "here"?

The icon in question:

In that picture, "here" is the furthest stage right flat on the main stage of my high school's production of "Little Shop of Horrors". (For more details, see the full story under answer #3.)

2. What's your preference for dealing with rain: umbrella, trenchcoat, poncho, or just get wet?

My preference is an umbrella, but the storms around here eat umbrellas more often than the trees in Peanuts eat kites. (Also, I've discovered that carrying an umbrella is a rain prophylactic. If I carry one when rain is predicted, it doesn't rain; if I don't carry one when rain is predicted, it rains.) So I generally stopped bothering a while ago and usually just get wet, but if I happen to have one when it's raining hard enough and isn't windy enough to bother, I'll use it.

3. From whence comes "aardy"?

Here's the full story.

Short version: It started as a joke in high school and morphed into a nom du net when I got my first e-mail account.

4. What would you say is the most unpleasant thing you've ever voluntarily and knowingly eaten?

Hmm. Probably a toss-up between my mother's fish chowder (just remembering the smell makes me nauseous), and the time I gave myself food poisoning by eating rancid leftover stir fry.

5. If price weren't a factor, would you prefer real diamonds or synthetic, and why?

I don't know that I'd be able to tell the difference between real diamonds and carbon pressed and heated into diamond, so synthetic = grown vs. real likely wouldn't matter much to me either way. However, if synthetic = cubic zirconium and the like, I'd always consider those to be "fake", even if beautiful in their own way, and would prefer the real thing. (Especially if "price not being a factor" includes the price of oppression in Africa and the environmental price involved in creating & using diamond-generating equipment.)

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