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Science question

Since the math & physics involved in this is beyond what I ever got to in school and all I can find online that's relevant is pages and pages of equations and references to various laws of physics, here's a question for the science- & engineer-types on my friends list:

If one were to attach a suitably efficient wind turbine to a car or an airplane (by "suitably efficient", I mean something aerodynamically designed for the right speeds like the intake of a jet engine, not something like strapping an old farm windmill to the roof), how much electricity might it generate when the vehicle is at cruising speed? How does that compare to a standard wind turbine?

Would it be possible to safely store that much energy in a capacitor and then safely discharge it "into the grid" at some point? (Or, further into the realm of theoretical technology, perhaps wirelessly beam it to a remote receiver as it's generated?)

If the vehicle was an electric or gas-electric vehicle, and the electricity generated by the attached turbine was used to help drive the engine, what sort of an effect might that have on how far the vehicle could go on a single charge or for a hybrid, the gas mileage? How would any such positive effect compare with the amount of drag involved with spinning (and even just carrying) the turbine?

(I'm genuinely curious, but don't have the knowledge to be able to come up with answers on my own, and don't have the available time to learn enough math & physics to be able to understand much of anything past very rudimentary explanations of the general principles involved.)

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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