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All I want is a couple days off...

The power went out at work today. ComEd said at noon that they still didn't know the precise cause (a large chunk of the town including Village Hall is also affected) and wouldn't be able to give us an estimate on when it'd be back up until around a quarter to two. That would've meant more than 2 hours without power,[1] so they closed the library and sent us all home.

So we get a no-power day!

[1] The architects designed our new building with electric-flush toilets, so the bathrooms are unusable if we have no power. Because we're a public facility, no public bathrooms means can't be open. Since power outages around here tend not to last all that long, the administrator's rule of thumb is that two hours down with no projected time to be back up is enough to close down and send everyone home. This is only the third time I can remember it happening in the 12 years I've worked there. And now that I think about it, it's possible that that's more often than we've had snow days, which are rare as hen's teeth 'round these parts.
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