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Brightening up a wintry day

I took this picture the week before Christmas, but only now had the time to get it out of the camera, crop it down, and shrink it for posting.

This marigold started off as a small plant used as a centerpiece at, I believe, reynardine & aota's wedding. kateshort and I also came home from that reception with a rosemary plant. That first winter, we took a trip and didn't arrange to have them watered; the rosemary died, but the marigold hung on long enough to produce seeds, which sprouted when I planted them. The original plant is long since dead, but I've been replanting seeds and trying to keep plants alive ever since. (It helps that marigolds are relatively hardy, but no matter how much I try, I've still gotten quite practiced at accidentally killing them off.) They've had a few remarkably productive cycles in between the mass die-offs over the years; they're currently inhabiting four 6" pots, of which you can see three in the picture.

The flower colors vary from yellow to orange to red, and occasionally the end of a petal will be a different color than the rest of the petal, or petals will be streaked with a different color, but this is the first time I've gotten petals with a distinctive stripe down the middle. Very striking.

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