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Slash-Me-Own-Throat Slasher

The following is an IM conversation I had with a friend today, regarding wanting to watch the recent Hogfather TV movie. I thought it might put an insidious mindworm or two into some of the fanfic writers on my friendslist...

qibhom: We must periodically worship at the altar of P'Terry, lest something dreadful happen.

aardy: You mean like he might start using Harlequin's plot formulas rather than his own humor?

qibhom: His take on Harlequins might be interesting.

aardy: Yes, but Harlequin's take on P'Terry? -shudder-

qibhom: Now, that would be a nightmare on toast.

aardy: Anyone for Nobby / CMOT Dibbler slashfic?

* qibhom screams!

qibhom: That is painful.

aardy: Knowing slash writers, it's probably already been written and developed its own rabidly loyal hardcore fanbase

qibhom: I stay away from slash. Those folks are almost as weird as furries.

aardy: Anyone for San Diego Chicken / Benny the Bull slash?

qibhom: No, Aardy. Please, no.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
Tags: furries, humor, slash, terry pratchett

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