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"I cannot go to school today..."

Bad news: Am sick, having caught what kateshort has after valiantly fighting it off for a week, and actually took a sick day for it yesterday. (Head cold that's trying to move into the lungs like it did for her; so far it's failed miserably on that front, but my throat is the no-man's land of this war zone and it definitely feels like it.)

Good news: Have learned that new-formula Sudafed doesn't mess with my heart nearly as bad as old-formula Sudafed does. And spiced cider mix is wunnerful wunnerful stuff, much better for dealing with this than hot tea is, as it doesn't desiccate as is soothes.

Bad news: Can't take medicine while I'm asleep, and 4-hour doses just don't cut it, so not sleeping well and keep waking up with bad sore throat & stuffed up sinuses. Have apparently also forgotten how to use first person nominative terminology.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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