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What kind of gamer am I?

You scored as Storyteller. You're more inclined toward the role playing side of the equation and less interested in numbers or experience points. You're quick to compromise if you can help move the story forward, and get bored when the game slows down for a long planning session. You want to play out a story that moves like it's orchestrated by a skilled novelist or film director.








Power Gamer


Casual Gamer


Method Actor




Law's Game Style
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I wasn't overly thrilled with the design of this quiz, and would quibble with some of the "you like to..." statements at the top of the results, but I think the tabular results are relatively reasonable. (I tend to be more of a tactitian than a storyteller, but I don't think the choice of questions in the quiz were conducive show my tendencies in that area.) I think I would've preferred either more questions or multiple choice questions. And is it just me, or is the "I love killing stuff in the game" question on there four or five times with slightly different wordings, whereas the questions leading to the other possible results have only one to three questions each?

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