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Winter traffic nightmare

I'm so glad I don't live further west in the state:

Motorists stranded on a 60-mile stretch I-80. This isn't the "every few hundred feet there's a car lost in a drift" sort of thing that you often get on I-80 in Nebraska when they simply close hundreds of miles of highway--this is bumper-to-bumper traffic in both directions that's crawling when it's moving at all. Some people have been stranded there since 8:30 this morning. There are apparently semis stuck on most or all of the exits through that area, the traffic's been too heavy to get snowplows in since before the storm was even half over, and there are many spinouts and bad accidents blocking the road at both ends, so there's basically no way to get the cars out. The cars that've been there the longest are now starting to run out of gas, which is making it even more difficult to get the road cleared. The state just sent in the National Guard and the Red Cross to help people--delivering water, getting them to safety, whatever.

And as I was listening to a local talk radio station, the show host called up a pizza joint in Peru, IL (which I've heard residents pronounce PEE-rue; much like Cairo, IL is KAY-row) and arranged for a listener from a nearby town to drive over (NOT using I-80), pick up $150 worth of pizzas and water, then drive over to the nearest I-80 overpass, and walk down to deliver pizza and water to the drivers stuck there.


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