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Question about "Heroes" guest

Was that Peter Graves playing Niki's father in tonight's episode? If so, he looked pretty spry for having turned 80 this year, and in a fat suit and on sizable amounts of L-dopa compared to how he looks in the Geico ad he's currently in. If it wasn't Peter Graves, who the heck was it? His voice sure sounded like Peter Graves to me, and the eyes looked like his, and I've been wracking my brain for why the actor seemed so immediately familiar to me if it wasn't Peter Graves.

It was almost certanly just a one-time guest appearance, so there wouldn't have been hoopla like that surrounding the announcement of George Takei becoming a semi-regular member of the cast, IMDb doesn't have the episode's full cast up yet, NBC.com hasn't posted the full episode yet, and everyone on the various Heroes' webforums I surfed through cared too much about the implications of his character's past actions (and everything else that went on in the episode) to discuss who played the role.

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