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Proud of my new icon

It's taken most of my free time over the past four days (five, now that it's after midnight) to create this icon. Four days to find the right images, crop them to the right size, add the text, resize them down to 100 x 100, reduce them to 256 colors, string them all together in an animated gif, and tweak and tweak and tweak to get the file size down to 40 Kb, on the nose. It's not perfect, but I put forth my best effort and learned quite a bit about how to use Paint Shop Pro in the process. I think it turned out as well as it could in only 40 Kb, and I'm proud of the results.

The lyrics are from "Am I In Sync?", which is one of my favorite songs by Steve Taylor. The images are from, respectively:

All located via Google Images; there are times I don't know what I'd do without it.

Check out the originals (many of which are shrunk a lot when displayed in context) to get an inkling of what this looked like before I stripped it down to 40 Kb; I wish the full detail and richness of color of the originals could come through in the gif, but just wasn't possible. Some of those sites have some more interesting pictures and I recommend taking a gander through them if you have a few minutes; in particular, the graffiti art collection, the (economic) Bubble Blog's pictures of bubbles, and (as always) NASA's photos from space.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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