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As referenced by kateshort:

Eisschokolade ("ICE shaw-kaw-LAH-deh") Iced Chocolate / Chocolate Float

* Put 1-2 scoops of vanilla ice cream in a tall glass or large sundae glass, depending on the size of the glass.
* Use cold water to make "hot" chocolate/cocoa, and use that to fill the glass. (Substituting chocolate milk will work in a pinch, but the result just isn't quite right--too much milk, I think.)
* Top with whipped cream and sprinkle lightly with powdered cocoa or powdered chocolate.
* Serve with a straw and a long-handled spoon.

Eiskaffee ("ICE kah-FEY") Iced Coffee / Coffee Float
* Substitute cold coffee for the cold "hot" chocolate.

There are several versions with precise measurements or various additional ingredients, but that's the drink at its most basic. (Most of the recipes I found seemed to instruct use of hot chocolate/cocoa powder--such as Ghirardelli's Double Chocolate Hot Chocolate powder--mixed with cold water. A few used a mix of Nesquik syrup & milk instead, and several instructed one to melt semi-sweet chocolate and mix it with water & milk, essentially making your own chocolate milk the hard way. I used chocolate milk this time; while delicious, it didn't taste like I remembered.)

When we were in Germany, afternoon highs ranged from 95-104° F / 37-40° C for two weeks straight in an area where summer highs rarely top 85° F / 30° C and thus few hotels & restaurants have air conditioning; and almost every afternoon, we'd try to find a shady cafe table and Kate & I would each have an Eisschokolade and her parents would each have an Eiskaffee.

Given how common iced coffee is around here these days, I'm surprised these drinks--which are seemingly ever-present in Germany and make a excellent refreshing drink on a hot summer afternoon--aren't similarly common over here.

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