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The end of an era

Yesterday, I posted to the rec.games.frp.dnd Usenet group that I am no longer going to post the rgfd FAQ to the group every month.

Except for the last six months (when I stopped posting it partly because I was frequently forgetting to do so anyway, and partly to see if anyone would notice that it wasn't there), I've posted it on or near the first day of each month for eleven years, since April 1995; the last time I posted it was on its anniversary.

I'm going to keep a copy available on my website, so that anyone on the group can point to it when they need to, because I still occasionally but semi-regularly get e-mails about it from people who found & used it that way, and because something about the formatting caused rtfm.mit.edu/faqs.org to stop updating the archived copy back in early 2004, but its days of being posted to Usenet are done.

Since one of my reasons for this is that it's become much more of a chore than a hobby to keep posting it month in and out, stepping away from this responsibility should feel liberating, like a weight lifted from my shoulders, or at least like very little has actually changed (since I actually haven't been posting it for a while now); but right now, it still feels more like I have a hole in my heart.

Since the time I posted that before going to work yesterday, I've been near the verge of tears several times, whenever I've actually stopped and thought about it.

The end of an era, indeed.

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