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Do you want to be a librarian?

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Here's a good one for you: A 1947 vocational guidance video for high schoolers who might want to become librarians.

It's so dated that it's both hilarious and sad. (For the former, watch especially for the reference question about television, the films that just happen to all be by the same company that made this one, the little girl who makes a face at a book as if it were Brussels sprouts, and the high school student who just might have a crush on the school librarian. For some of the latter, as you're watching it, note the gender patterns of what sort of work the librarians involved are doing, particularly where anything related to science or engineering is involved.) There are also some interesting blasts from the past, like watching catalogers hand-write catalog cards.

Really, the only thing that's missing here is Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo...

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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