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First Schoolhouse Rock, now... Baby Rock?

Found this via one of sigma7's picspams.

Your favorite songs by your favorite rock bands, turned into lullabies for your baby. Albums already out or coming soon include Pink Floyd (when we have a kidling, kateshort will probably put that one on the baby shower wish list), Metallica, Led Zeppelin, Tool, The Cure, Radiohead, The Pixies, No Doubt, and more.

Listening to the sound clips, it's amazing what playing a song on glockenspiel & mellotron, and slowing it down as necessary, will do to turn the even most thrashing of songs into gentle lullabies. (Seriously. Metallica's Battery as a lullaby? That's almost as sick, wrong, and utterly hilarious as Enter Sandman, Me So Horny, and Baby Got Back done as a lounge act.)

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