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Courtesy of the random LJ picture generator, you'll laugh, you'll cry, you'll kiss five minutes good-bye...

(See-through ammo clips. Who'd've thunk it?)

(Someone's Not Happy)

(I wonder how much more that bed can take before this picture becomes twice as funny?)

(I don't know what the Japanese actually says, but I like to think it means, "Is this too sour even for Jack Bauer?")

(Aww. Someone's all tuckered out...)

(a.k.a. Spiegelman's Revenge)

(Cor, DM! It's icon fodder!)

(Because when you're dead, your cats will care enough to feed on you and thereby add your spirit to their own.)

(Technicolor pastel bunnies!)

(Texas Chainsaw Horse Massacre)

(Looks so good it'll make a grown man cry...)

(...and make my arteries cry, too)

(I predict a new icon for sigma7...)

(Because people who love sparklies apparently can't do math)

For some reason, the picture generator today kept coming up with pictures of pregnant women (like this one--talk about giving birth to a nation...) and "how far along in my pregnancy I am" meters in addition to the standard fan-anime, random personal photos, and pr0n. Weird.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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