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Finding my spot

A friend of coffeechica's just posted a link to Find Your Spot, an online quiz that purports to help you figure out where in the U.S. you would be happy living. I figured I'd give it a whirl, as I do most of the online quizzes I see on my friends list.

That Chicago turned up near the top of the first page of "top" hits was a welcome affirmation (and I laughed as I read through the list and saw place after place where distant cousins or cousins-in-law currently live, or where various relatives used to live), but is besides the point.

After you finish the quiz, in order to see your results, you must provide a name & address, to "prove you're human" (the next page then asks you to sign up to for mailings about various topics). I tried leaving it blank, but no dice; it's required if you want to see your results.

Name was easy: Aardy DeVarque. It'll pass muster as a real name by every check I've come across so far.

I left blank the E-mail address box (and the retyped confirmation, which then becomes your user ID for the site), and the site thankfully didn't blink at that.

But the site still demanded a street address. What to put?

Why, 1060 W. Addison, Chicago, IL, of course.

The site immediately provided me with my results.

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