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Hurricane cats

The book Hurricane Wolf, by Diane Paterson (Morton Grove, IL : A. Whitman, 2006) recently crossed my desk at work. While cataloging it, I flipped through it, found this page, and had to share.

The actual text of the book is about a small boy who helps his parents prepare for an oncoming hurricane, rides out the storm with them, and helps them clean up afterwards. In the story, he hears that it is a "cat 2 hurricane" and wonders what two cats have to do with a storm. Then, in the facts about hurricanes section at the back of the book is this page, which cracked me up. The cats are too darn cute, especially the yowling "Cat 5" cats. Also check the smiley/frowney face on the fish in the lower right-hand corner.

(Aside: Every other kids' picture book these days includes a multipage section with several pages of major infodump about something related to the topic of the book. The truly bad ones sprinkle a bit of the infodump on every page, resulting in a schizophrenic book that young children can't read alone, that will bore young children if parents read ALL of the words aloud, and which often doesn't have enough info for anyone older than young children to get much use out of it as a nonfiction resource.)

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