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Guns don't kill hijackers, people do

While driving into work this morning, it occurred to me that if the Republican-controlled U.S. government would listen to one of its core constituencies, it would have the solution to their concerns about terrorists hijacking airplanes.

Since the NRA (and thus many Republicans) believe that concealed-carry laws inherently reduce crime, how about handing out a free loaded hand gun at the gate to every adult passenger on every commercial airplane. And then collecting them all at the destination, for re-use on the next flight.

If everybody on the plane is well-armed, then hijackers won't have that advantage and hijackings will be less likely. (The Mythbusters proved that explosive decompression doesn't happen the way most people think it does, but if that's still a concern, equip everyone with high-powered tasers. Don't like that screaming baby on the red-eye? Don't like the skeevy stalker sitting next to you? Think that guy ahead of you looks a little shifty-eyed? Having an argument with your estranged spouse? Tase 'em all.)

No, I'm not seriously suggesting this; the counter-arguments are far too easy and I'm personally generally in favor of more gun control, not less. Rather, given how prevalent the "guns make people safer" argument is among those who are in favor of the least restrictions on gun ownership (and yes, I know that's a major oversimplification), and how tied much of the Republican Party seems to be to that constituency whenever the issue of gun control comes up, I'm surprised I haven't heard the President demanding that it happen.

More importantly, it made for an interesting mental exercise while making my way through the morning rush hour traffic leading up to the Devon toll plaza construction zone on I-90, and was safer than reading a paragraph or two of a book every time traffic came to a halt.

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