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Mini-rant: Animal naming grammar

German shepherd
French poodle
Arabian horse
Persian, Burmese, and Manx cats
British bulldog
Siberian tiger
American quarter horse
Hawaiian goose
American robin
Spanish flu
Mexican jumping bean
Maltese falcon

and therefore,

Canadian goose

So I don't want to hear anymore that the reason the name "Canada goose" must be correct is because animals with such names are always named with just the country name, never a possessive--'cause that obviously just ain't so. (Yes, I've heard that argument. Several times. In fact, it's the only reasoning I've ever heard for why the name "Canada goose" should be used instead of "Canadian goose.")

From Wikipedia:
Commonly, reference is made to these birds with the words "Canadian Geese", but the word "Canadian" is incorrect. The proper terms are always "Canada Goose" and "Canada Geese".
"Canada goose" may be the correct name because that's the official name given it by the birding equivalent of the international group of scientists that decides on the official names of planets, dwarf planets, stars, and the like, but when I was growing up, I heard the name "Canadian goose" used most often 'round here and in neighboring states, so that's at least a common regional variant rather than being flatly "incorrect."

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