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DC vs. Marvel in the library

The other day, I was asked my opinion (as both a cataloger and comics geek) of another library's proposed new shelving scheme for their graphic novels.

My initial response, before I'd even finished reading it: "This was designed by a reference librarian, wasn't it?" (And indeed, it was. Because yes, it was that obvious.)

Aside from the inconsistencies and the basic inefficiencies in the design, what really stood out was that there were three main categories: DC, Marvel, and everything else.

Seriously, there's no need for a DC/Marvel split. No one cares about keeping all DC books completely separated from all Marvel books except maybe the die-hard comics fans, and most of them have pull-lists at the local comic shop anyway and likely already have a home collection that's several times larger than the whatever your library has to offer.

I mean really. It's not like people are really going to be screaming in the aisles, demanding to see the library administrator, and being all like
"OMG, there's a Spider-man next to my Superman!"
"OMG, there's a Superman next to my Spider-man!"
"ZOMG, my Star Wars is in between teh superheroes!!!"
"OMGWTFBBQ, my Star Wars is next to all that Star Dreck!!!!1!!!"
"And what about my poor, abused Super Deformed Gundam Force?!"

If you put Spider-man next to Superman on the shelf, the two aren't going to fight. Really, they won't.

Besides, they did that already. It was called DC/Marvel All Access and even the rabid comics fanboys were all like, "SQUEEEEEEEE!!!1!!!11!¡!¡!¡!eleventy!!"

So please, leave it to the catalogers to solve organizational problems (like designing new and exciting sorting orders for bookshelves). We're what you call "experts."

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