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The Anti Baby Names list, part 2.

More names we will NOT give our children:

Last time, kateshort posted names from her family. Now it's time for names from my family to get the same treatment. (There were just too many to put them all together in one big list.)

Last names omitted to protect the embarrassment of my ancestors & relatives...

Boys' names
* Emlen (a.k.a. Emelen) (yes, that's a guy)
* Ewald
* Waldemar
* Durward
* Almond
* Murrell
* Hieronimus, Hieronymous, Hieronymus (three different people in one extended family)
* Rudolf Egydius
* Walfried
* Ervin
* Theophiel
* Achatius
* Hilton Israel
* Delmar
* Norbert
* Albin

Girls' names
* Saveria
* Vita
* Meta
* Ethlyn
* Ardis
* Bertie Lou
* Ardeane
* Lona
* El Rose
* Saphronia
* Valburga
* Vergeline
* Wilda
* Eija
* Nyda Mae
* Nyla
* Emalene
* Vida
* Tressie
* Christell
* Hermina Ernestine
* Glendeen
* Elva

Honorable mention: Boys
* Arno
* Harry Henry
* Herschel
* Banganen (actually, that's just how a census taker wrote "Benjamin", possibly due to the name being said with a heavy Swiss-German accent)
* Alger
* Kurt Theobolt
* Clarens
* Marlow
* Alfred Marlo ("Marlo" for a girl? Sure. But as a guy's given name rather than as a detective's last name?)
* Earhardt
* Beno Urban
* Helmuth
* Merlin
* Rhoud
* Decio
* Millard
* Jobst
* Immanuel

Honorable mention: Girls
* Tammara
* Nel
* Ellienore
* Maria Ludowica
* Rebecca Lu Marie
* Amber Dawn
* Spring Marie
* Cassandra Autumn
* Billie Joh
* Midge
* Piper
* Crescenzia
* Evaline
* Steffenie
* Janis
* Beulah
* Berthina

The parents of a few of these people have the defense of being born in other countries (where such names are more normal), but that doesn't account for nearly as many of them as you might think.

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