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Quasi-random LJ post generator

I suspect that by now, most of my friends list is aware of the time-sink that is the LJ Random Picture Generator.

On a lark, when I had a little bit of time to kill and no projects short enough to bother starting, I decided to play around a little bit and found an interesting page. Then kateshort pointed me to another version that was somewhat different but as interesting.

It essentially amounts to a two-level Quasi-Random LJ Post Generator (without ever leaving LJ). As with the random picture generator, the results are mostly mundane, with occasional punctuations of funny, sad, or Not Safe For Work. And an equally wide variety of userpics.

Find a public LJ community with a lot of members, preferrably one that's not built around a particular fandom or something similar. For the first level, navigate to [community].livejournal.com/friends

For the second level, navigate to [community].livejournal.com/friendsfriends

That's right, communities have friendslists and friends-of-friendslists, too.

For example, the one I started with:

The former is made up of public posts by people who read that community, so if the community's main topic is one that generates a rabid following, the resulting "friendslist" may not be particularly "random" in content. (E.g. viewing the friendlist of a Firefly community is likely going to chiefly net you more Firefly icons and Firefly-related posts. So it's only quasi-"random.") Unlike the friends list, the friends-of-friends list also includes posts to other communities, possibly very disparate ones, depending entirely on the interests of the people who have friended the community you're using as your starting point. So it's still only quasi-random, but possibly has a higher potential to go farther afield.

It's definitely a time-sink if you're bored and looking to spending a bit more time on LJ, reading through what might be a train-wreck you can't pull your eyes from, it might turn out to be boringly mundane, or you might hit something that makes your eyes bleed and makes you dumber for having read it; you rolls your dice and you takes your chances.

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