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So I was working on some genealogy, and turned up this obituary for a distant cousin on my father's side. Made for a fun break from the litany of Lutheran pastors and teachers I'd just been working through up to that point.

He began work in 1932 for the former Bally Manufacturing Co., Chicago, as a part-time assembler of their first pinball machine, the "Ballyhoo," while attending night courses in prelaw at the former Central College.

After working in electronics at Bally, he transferred to Northwestern University, where he took night classes in electrical engineering. He became an inspector at Bally, then a supervising foreman. In World War II, he worked with engineers to solve product problems with Bally's wartime production of gun turrets for B-29 bombers.

In the 1950s, [he] suggested that Bally begin manufacturing coffee vending machines. The Seeburg Corp., formerly of Chicago, purchased the rights for the machines and he became head of field training for Seeburg, after 29 years with Bally. He was executive assistant for vending to the president of Seeburg and in 1964 became vice president of vending sales and later executive vice president. He worked for Seeburg for 21 years.

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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