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The Hebrew Hammer!

Since I first heard about this movie only just this week, y'all must be slacking off in pointing out interesting movies.

"Part man. Part street. 100% kosher."

The Hebrew Hammer, jokingly described by the director as the first "Jewsploitation" film. (The cast even includes Mario & Melvin Van Peebles; the latter playing, of course, Sweetback.)

Basic plot: A Jewish superhero must save Hanukkah from Santa Claus' evil son, Damien Claus, who wants to force everyone to celebrate Christmas.

The more I read about it, the more I think I must see this film at some point. Makes me think of Undercover Brother, except it's about Jews and is rated R.

"If you're in trouble...and you're a Jew...and it's not past Sundown on Friday...you should call 'The Hebrew Hammer!'"

"Attention, all K-Mart shoppers, there are Jews in Aisle 12."

How can I have never heard of a movie that features Mario Van Peebles playing "Mohammed Ali Paula Abdul Rahim", the leader of "The Kwanzaa Liberation Front"?

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