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Spring cleaning and paperbacks

Apparently, it's spring cleaning season.

I can tell, because over the weekend, someone anonymously dropped off 18 bins full of paperbacks, plus more paperbacks crammed into four or five large boxes and a wastebasket.

Almost all of them are "men's fiction", including long runs of The Destroyer, Mack Bolan: Stony Man, and Longarm, a bunch of Zane Grey westerns, a bunch of John Jakes novels, and much, much more. And that's just what I can tell from looking at the top layer of books in each of the top layer of bins.

This is a welcome change from the overwhelming deluge of romance paperbacks we usually get, actually, even though they usually don't sell as well as the romances do. (Though lately, we've been getting romance paperbacks donated from the future--in March, we were getting Harlequin romances that were dated "May 2006", when we hadn't even yet received the "March 2006" set from our book vendor!)

However, back to the current deluge. 18 bins of paperbacks is a lot. Did I mention bins? These particular bins happen to all be the heavy-duty large plastic ones marked "United States Postal Service. WARNING: Maximum penalty for theft or misuse of postal property $1000 fine and 3 years imprisonment."


And we suddenly now have 18 of them, crammed full to overflowing with action/adventure/western paperbacks, filling up one side of the hallway of our deliveries entrance. Right where the postman comes in every day to deliver our mail. He hasn't mentioned anything yet...

I wonder whether that penalty is cumulative per bin? And how would they divide it up among all 100 library employees? While I wouldn't mind 197 days off of work right about now, this way might put a bit of a crimp in my summer plans. Could I perhaps schedule my time for every other Monday for the next eight years instead?

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