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That was the week that was: Monday-Wednesday

Days 4-6: Monday-Wednesday, March 6-8

I didn't get a full night's sleep Sunday night because my roommate snored, and it was too dark by the time I got in to find the earplugs I'd brought (a lesson I learned from sharing a hotel room with him once before). Monday started out bright and early at 7 A.M. with a free buffet breakfast. Sausage gravy & biscuits--mmm, mmm good!

After that came the opening speech by the company president of SirsiDynix and two of the VPs. The Sunday night D&D game had been largely arranged in "public" on the sysadmin mailing list; both of the VPs in question happen to read that list, and as a joke, they inserted a picture from the "D&D Online" game in their presentation and cracked wise at my expense, in front of a thousand or so people. (It was a funny joke though--more so since it was a picture clearly labeled "Hobgoblin Dual Wield" and the speaker called it an orc.)

The rest of the day on Monday, all day on Tuesday, and most of Wednesday were taken up with various panels, mostly related to the company's products and the various ways in which libraries are using them, but with some about librarianship in general. One of the best was a panel about the currently-underway process of changing ISBNs from 10 digits to 13 digits and what steps SirsiDynix is taking to handle it. The speaker was excellent, and the PowerPoint was one of the best put together I'd seen all conference. (There are a lot of people out there who don't know how to use PowerPoint effectively...)

Monday night, still sleep-deprived from the gaming convention, the Sunday night D&D game, and the early breakfast that morning, I went to bed around 9 P.M. That helped some, but Tuesday was another early morning, and an extra evening tips & tricks session for people who've taken Sirsi's super-secret advanced programming training course; it started at 7 and ended a bit after 10, and I talked with some of the other folk there for a bit afterwards. Did I mention that the Gaylord Opryland Resort is so huge it took 10-15 minutes to walk from the meeting room back to my hotel room? Wednesday once again started out bright & early and ended with a final Q&A session with the company representatives, open to all attendees, though since most of the rest of our group was going to that, I took a pass and walked back to the place where our group had agreed to meet to catch a taxi out to the airport, so I could relax a bit before we headed out. I didn't have time to get in a nap, but I did manage to sit in a comfy chair for a while and rest up.

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