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Futurama is back!

From Billy West's online forum: (For those who don't recognize the name, he's the voice of Fry, Farnsworth, Zoidberg, and Zapp Brannigan, and was also the voices of Ren & Stimpy.)

Here's the official word on Futurama!!
David X. phoned me about an hour ago and said that this Futurama project
is a done deal! Here's the word from DX---
There are 4 DVD movies that we'll start recording at the end of July or
August.Full feature length FUTURAMA movies.
Everybody is excited to get back together--as I am!

Into the Future,

New Futurama cartoons! The comics are good and have kept my withdrawal symptoms at bay, but just aren't the same as the cartoons. (And as full-length straight-to-DVD movies, Fox can't kill it again with their screwed-up scheduling and pre-empting more episodes than they actually air in major markets.)

Hoody hoo!

Feudalism: Serf & Turf
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