January 1st, 2013


Books that I read in December

[Reconstructed from a post that vanished into the ether along with the comments on it, during an LJ server malfunction in May 2013.]

54. Bradley Marion Zimmer. The Mists of Avalon (876 p.)

55. Pratchett, Terry. Hogfather (Discworld novel) (354 p.)

56. Sargent, Pamela, ed. Women of Wonder: The Contemporary Years (420 p.)
(Contents: Cassandra, by C.J. Cherryh; The Thaw, by Tanith Lee; Scorched Supper on New Niger, by Suzy McKee Charnas; Abominable, by Carol Emshwiller; Bluewater Dreams, by Sydney J. Van Scyoc; The Cabinet of Edgar Allan Poe, by Angela Carter; The Harvest of Wolves, by Mary Gentle; Bloodchild, by Octavia E. Butler; Fears, by Pamela Sargent; Webrider, by Jayge Carr; Alexia and Graham Bell, by Rosaleen Love; Reichs-Peace, by Sheila Finch; Angel, by Pat Cadigan; Rachel in Love, by Pat Murphy; Game Night at the Fox and Goose, by Karen Joy Fowler; Tiny Tango, by Judith Moffett; At the Rialto, by Connie Willis; Midnight News, by Lisa Goldstein; And Wild for to Hold, by Nancy Kress; Immaculate, by Storm Constantine; Farming in Virginia, by Rebecca Ore)

57. Briggs, Raymond. When the Wind Blows (40 p.)

December total: 1,690 pages
2012 YTD total: 20,605 pages

Only 2/3 as many books read this year as last year, but I did manage to surpass my goal of 50 books, and still managed to meet my secondary goal of 20K pages for the year--which tells you something about the average book size each of those years (361 p. average this year, vs. 293 p. last year and 277 p. the year before). Several long, slow slog books this year, too, which put a major dent in my totals.

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