April 2nd, 2009


Books that I read in March

Books that I read in March:

9. Lumley, Brian. Necroscope (505 p.)

10. King, Stephen. (as Richard Bachman) The Running Man (219 p.)

11. Meyer, Nicholas. The West End Horror (160 p.)

12. Matheson, Richard. I Am Legend [and other stories] (317 p.)

13. Glazer, Mitch. (as Miami Mitch) The Blues Brothers (245 p.)

14. Murphy, Warren. Shock Value (The Destroyer #51) (199 p.)

15. Goldstein, Bobbye, ed. Mother Goose on the Loose : illustrated with cartoons from the New Yorker (106 p.)

March total: 1751 pages
YTD total: 4857 pages

• If you like any two or more of vampire stories, science fiction, or Night of the Living Dead/the zombiepocalypse and you haven't read Matheson's I Am Legend, you're severely missing out and need to rectify that ASAP. (If you've only seen the Will Smith movie, you're still missing out.) I was genuinely surprised by a few of the plot twists. The other short stories that fill out this particular collection are also pretty good--mostly supernatural horror stories, along with a few psychological horror stories and one campy humor "horror" story. Some are now about as creepy to anyone over the age of twelve as an E.C. comic is, but all are worth reading.

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